10 HD Games on Android You Should Try

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Since the arrival of smartphones and tablets in the market, games have become more sophisticated to cater to the improving specs of devices to deliver uncompromised entertainment to users—hence, the rise of HD games. Here’s a list of some of the top HD games for Android users:

1. Pinball HD for Tegra ($2.99)

The classic Windows game made it first to iOS and won the 2010 Apple Design Award in Games. The Android version, compatible with the famed NVIDIA Tegra processor, boasts of realistic and detailed graphics and claims to be the best version on any device yet.

2. The Adventures of Tintin ($6.99)

If you enjoyed and loved the movie, then Gameloft’s movie tie-in app is a must-download. Unravel the secrets of the unicorn with amazing 3D animation and motion detection, all in HD. Good news, the latest update now supports devices running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

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