5 ways Android gaming beats iPhone for gaming

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  There's no denying that iOS is the biggest mobile gaming platform around right now. But Android is in second place, and closing fast.

And Google's seemingly ubiquitous smartphone platform is more than just a plucky runner-up in the field of smartphone gaming. In fact, it actually offers a superior experience to iPhone and iOS in a number of key areas.     


We're not saying that Android is the best platform for smartphone gamers. It quite obviously isn't. But the fight is closer than many realise, and Android has managed to win a number of key battles.

Here, then, are five ways in which Android beats iPhone on the ol' gaming front.

Bigger screens

You might find that when it comes to all-round smartphone usage, a 4-inch screen is best. There's a lot to be said for being able to slip your phone comfortably into your pocket and operate it with one hand.

But when it comes to gaming, there's no getting around the fact that bigger is better. When tearing around a track on Real Racing 3, we'd take the 4.7-inch HTC One over the 4-inch iPhone 5 any day of the week, because it simply shows more of that gorgeous 3D action.

Similarly, we'd rather play Angry Birds Star Wars on the larger phone because you get a better view of the action with less need for zooming in and out.

Cheaper access

We'll say it again - the iPhone is the best gaming smartphone around, mainly due to its massive range of top-tier games. But it's an exclusive club.

If you want to join, you have to pay out at least £529 for the latest model. How about last year's model? That'll be £449, please. Even the 'budget' iPhone 4 with its single-core processor (which some advanced new games don't even support) costs a considerable £319.

Conversely, as we pointed out recently, you can get yourself a multi-core Android phone capable of playing anything you throw at it for less than £200. Even the current official Android flagship device, the Nexus 4, with its quad-core CPU and 4.7-inch 720p display, can be had for just £239.

Better app store

The iPhone has more high-quality games than Android (though the gap is closing), but the actual experience of shopping for games is more pleasant on the Google platform.

The Google Play Store is brighter, quicker, and better laid out than the App Store. There's a crisp front page with a prominent 'Games' tab, and within this there are neatly delineated categories for featured games, top sellers, free games, and categories.

Step into the info pages for a specific game and you'll get a brilliant preview video to show you how the game looks and plays. I sorely miss this feature whenever I go from my Android phone to one of my Apple devices.

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