A Guide To Play Free Online Games

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Anything "free" usually gets our attention quickly, especially if we want to play free online games, and when it comes to entertainment we are all ears to get whatever we can for free or at least bargain prices.


These free gaming sites are easy to find, can be found in any language, and have any kind of game you can think of from cards to puzzles to strategy and even games you can play with others all over the world.


But in exchange for playing for free, you"re giving them something more important than money. You are giving them the right to track your every move on the internet, not just on their site. Since you must register with these sites, your personal information is collected and sold to companies who plan on sending you spam and even mail. When it comes to free games, there's nothing free about them!


There's a reason they have a privacy policy posted - but it's sad no one takes the time to read these documents. If you take the time to review them before registering, you'll clearly see their intentions of collecting your information and using it to make money.


A simple ten minute game can give them time to download enough spyware and adware to slow your computer to a crawl. Throw in a few Trojans and you could have a major problem. Even the most expensive security programs find it hard to keep up with all these threats.

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