Android Game Review – Djorick’s Curse

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Aspiring developer Keener Apps has launched a new game called “Djorick’s Curse”! In the style of “Age of Runes: Genesis” and “Sargot“, this brain game combines the match 3-gameplay of “Bejeweled” with characteristics of role playing games. The task and the controls of “Djorick’s Curse” are easily explained:  you have to find groups of at least three matching symbols in order to either heal yourself, improve your armor, collect money or fight against the monsters by simply drawing a line. Similar to an RPG, you start with choosing one out of the two characters, selecting one out of three different paths with special gameplay advantages and finally, you have the opportunity to choose between ten useful spells. Thanks to those role playing aspects, the scope of the game is very decent.

But can it be that Djorick’s Curse has hit the game itself?


Even though the sound effects match the different symbols, the lack of background music limits the creation of a convenient atmosphere. Additionally, the game offers a nice background story, but it seems that it was not integrated in the gameplay.

All in all, “Djorick’s Curse” must not fear the comparison with other games of the genre, because the controls and the gameplay are well executed and it will surely be a great challenge for fans of brain games. So download it and see for how long you can resist Djorick’s curse!

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