Android Game Review – Gravity Racing Madness

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The indy developer team duo from Wendytech has released its second game for Android called “Gravity Racing Madness”, an innovative side scroller with simply mechanics, but a challenging requirement for accuracy. Let’s see if this demanding racer, where you control  gravity in order to overcome hills and slopes, can hold up to its cutting-edge idea.

With a rushed introduction, which resembles the pace of this game, you get a feeling for the controls pretty quick. By tapping on the screen you switch between the white dimension, where gravity pulls you down, and the red dimension, where you get pulled up. Set in minimalistic yet futuristic visuals and supported by atmospheric electronic music, you navigate your wheel to its destination within a shortly prescribed time limitation, using boosts at times, while avoiding hostile circles or getting stuck.

New idea and fluid gameplay, but what about the downside?

There is not much to complain about in “Gravity Racing Madness”, the only main flaw might be its challenging difficulty due to its high pace and the brief time limits right from the beginning. There is also a little lack of diversity throughout the game, as it gets harder but does not deliver much variety.

All in all “Gravity Racing Madness” provides a solid side-scrolling-racer with a nice gameplay twist, that will satisfy anyone who seeks a new challenge on their android device and the ones, who might try to train their reaction skills. Bronze for “Gravity Racing Madness”!


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