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Every day, the mobile phone industry is witnessing alarming growth as the technology is mounting heights. With the increase in the popularity of the Android phones, the number of apps available for the platform also has rocketed. That means a lot number of free Android games are available for you in the store. Even though, there are a lot of junk in it, still it contains some gems. Following are the Game theory’s top 10 Android games.  

Best Overall

The Great Brain Experiment

The Great Brain Experiment is the ever best Android game that makes you a part of the unique scientific experiment. With this, you can test your memory power, impulsivity, attention and even decision making capability. This app was developed by the neuroscientists at University College London who ‘gamified’ their research to an unusual brain development yet funny app. Every time you play the game, you are knowingly or unknowingly taking part in the research and contributing data to a scientific experiment. Winning this game completely depends on how you take risks and how well your imaginary eye can see. Of course, this game is perilously addictive and intuitive.

Best shooter

Brothers In Arms® 2 Free+

Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front are one of the best shooter games that make use of the full potential of the new quad core processors in the Android phones. This game is rich in graphics and will show you the complete beauty of the big screens. You can play this game in Story mode as well as in multiplayer. It’s just like the console games in mobile phones which has single player mode and multi-player mode. It’s up to you to earn dog tags and Xp to unlock the loads of extra features available for you as you play. You can also use this earned rewards to customize your soldiers or purchase Medals to unlock them easier. The degree of customization that you can do to the soldier is unimaginable.

Retro favorite

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.

Bandai released Tamagotchi L.i.f.e smartphone application to bring the 90s virtual pet thud up to date. When your kids were young, you might have put up with crying fits when their virtual pet died. In this app also, you are going to raise a cute pet from egg to grave. You must feed, take care for and even clean up after you Tamagotchi. If you do not do so, the pet will get unhappy and will neglect the food and care further and at last dies. Then it turns to an angel that goes to Tamagotchi heaven. One annoyance that usually occur with this game is the frequent unresponsiveness of the virtual button on the screen which will makes the navigation through the menus a little tougher.

World building Games

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