Best Android Tablet Games: What Else Did You Buy Your Tablet

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Top 3 Best Android Tablet Games

Now, we all know that you justified buying that shiny new Android Tablet to your spouse, parents, or boss by ticking off all the amazing work you were going to do with it. Homework, work work, house budgets, Skyping with your loved ones or co-workers – that Android tablet is going to turn you into a one-person wrecking ball of productivity and possibly a millionaire. The millionaire part was probably more implied than stated outright, if you were smart. But we’ll bet you didn’t mention anything about the best Android table games… we’re right, aren’t we.


Then, of course, the first thing you did when you got your tablet was to install all the Android games you could find. We’re onto you. We know your terrible ways. Because we know you, we also know you’re gnawed by doubt, because like Ferris Bueller said the world moves pretty fast – how can you be sure you’ve installed the best Android tablet games? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you.



Dead Trigger

Best Android Tablet Games - Dead Trigger - Image Courtesy ggpht


Zombies: Check. First-person perspective: Check. Shiny candy-like graphics with an amazing level of details: Check. You simply can’t lose with Dead Trigger, which may be the best-looking game on a tablet, period; it’s also easily the best-looking of all the Android games we’ve seen. It’s designed more as an “arcade-style” shooter, which is perfect for a game with just the touchscreen as a controller, and it sports about 40 hours of gameplay (60 if you’re like us and have the reflexes of a dead rat). What’s not to love about Dead Trigger?



World of Goo

Best Android Tablet Games - World of Goo - Image Courtesy Goo Fans


At the other end of the spectrum is World of Goo, a cartoonish, physics-based puzzler that runs so smoothly you often feel like you’re in a cartoon – like some old Pinky and the Brain episode. It’s the sort of gaming experience where you lose hours and hours to it and don’t even realize what’s happened until you blink in the sudden light of sunrise and have to take a quick Hobo shower and get to work. And then you play some more on the bus. The best part is, with five distinct “chapters” each with their own look and feel, it’s like five games in one – and replay value is high because you can try different solutions on a second go-round.


Great Big War Game

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