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Computer gaming has come a very long way from two paddles and a ball on a black and white screen! Now we have complete virtual worlds with fully developed characters that immerse you in detail, and take you away from reality just long enough to make you feel like a kid again...assuming you're not a kid!
So many breakthroughs have been made with computers in the last 15 years, and game developers have not been very far behind utilizing these advances. Many of the great games of the past, and some pretty cool new ones, are available for free on the Internet, but finding them is the issue.
The Internet is full of websites claiming free-this, and free-that when it comes to downloading "free" games. However, the truth is you are only downloading a trial version, and will be asked to pay after a certain amount of time. Some of the trial versions even stop working once the time period is, lets go hunting for some sites that are the real deal: 


One of the only HTML5 game sites that allows players and developers to easily access all they need. Can be used on a computer OR A SMARTPHONE! So you can play all the games you love on all the devices you love!
Great to play at work or school as the site is "Unblockable". A list of great games that will entertain you during those spare minutes during Break-time - or when you should be doing work! No sign-up, No adverts, amazing!
Great site with tons of free online flash games, also including mostly two player games which are tons of fun to play with someone else. No registration needed to play games. Recommended play with someone else for twice the fun!
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