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Too often, iOS developers work against the hardware, trying to cram buttons and joysticks onto a touchscreen in order to replicate the feel of playing games on a console.

It's almost like an admission of defeat before you even get to play the game.

But that's something The Game Bakers has never been guilty of. In Squids and Squids Wild West, it managed to create a turn-based action RPG that played on the tactile strengths of the devices it was built for, rather than forcing control methods in place where they didn't belong.

And the same can be said of Combo Crew. This is a beat-'em-up for the touchscreen age, as complex as the side-scrollers of old but with an input system that frees your fingers to exact some bloody and brutal revenge.

Swipe for your life

The game is set in a cartoony, dystopian future, and lets you play as one of four different members of the eponymous crew. Two of them are available from the start of the game, but you'll need to unlock the others as you play.

Each character is controlled in the same way. Swipe across an enemy with a single finger and you'll rush over and deliver a blow. Swipe over him with two fingers and you'll unleash a combo chain.

Exclamation marks appear over a bad guy's head when he's about to attack, and tapping anywhere on the screen will perform a counter. You can charge single-finger swipes by holding them down to unleash block-breaking attacks.

Each character has a huge list of different combos that you can unlock, but you only have four slots to put them in, representing double-swipes up, down, left, and right. Some combos launch your foe into the air, letting you uppercut him from underneath, while others blast the enemy back, giving you some space.

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