Gameloft Releases First Gangstar Vegas Dev Diary

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For a little while now Gameloft has been teasing the latest game in their popular Gangstar series, Gangstar Vegas. Despite the obvious resemblance to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto games Gameloft has managed to push the envelope of what we think is possible on Android devices with each successive title.

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Up until now Gameloft has used teaser images of the game's infamous criminals to tease the title, leaving fans a bit frustrated that very little had been shown in the way of gameplay. Perhaps in response to these concerns, Gameloft has released the first episode in a series of developer diaries taking us inside its Montreal studio, and what we found out was that they have one massive game in the works. How big? Nine times bigger than Gangstar Rio with highly-detailed environments which are true to the iconic city of Las Vegas, from MMA arenas to Casinos for gambling.

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