New iOS Games Tonight: 2013: Infected Wars, Giant Boulder of Death and more!

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There’s nothing I love more than when all of the new iOS games coming up on the horizon neatly work together to form some common theme that I can write about in these two introductory paragraphs. Because when I can easily pick out a correlating theme, then that makes it all the more easier to finish writing this intro, which means I can get this article up and posted faster, and then go on my merry way to play some awesome new mobile games!

So what could this elusive gaming theme possibly be this week, might you ask? Well I am happy to announce that this theme happens to be, quite plain and simple, zombies. Yes, zombies! Tonight you’ll be shooting them in the heads, ramming into them with your car, and even rolling people over with a giant boulder of death (rendering said people dead and therefore increasing their chances of becoming zombies themselves one day!). So get ready to make some guttural zombie grunts and “Ughs” as you take on the undead in all of the new iOS games that are headed our way tonight!



2013: Infected Wars – Ah, the year 2013! At a time when mobile game downloads are at an ultimate high, and zombies and other undead sorts of creatures couldn’t be more present in popular culture, it would certainly seem like 2013 is the year of the horror shooter game on smartphones and tablets! A few weeks ago we had the first-person shooter The Drowning to help us hunt the undead, and now tonight we have 2013: Infected Wars to move that zombie-killing camera behind the shoulder in a third-person perspective akin to Resident Evil 4. Need we say more? Yes? Okay, so how about disturbingly realistic graphics, pitch-perfect aiming controls, wonderful zombie head-bursting physics, and of course, monstrous boss fights of epic proportions!




Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed – See? I told you I wasn’t kidding about the whole zombie theme that’s going on tonight! A spin-off sequel of sorts to the undead arcade classic Zombie Highway, Zombie Highway: Driver’s Ed finds players once again enrolling in the global fight against the legions of undead, as they speed their way along the zombie-ridden roads and ram into every walker that crosses their path. The big difference here in Driver’s Ed is that stringing together kill combos is now an absolute key to surviving the zombie apocalypse with a high score in tow, as once simple mistakes like bumping into barriers and other non-zombie objects will result in resetting your combo meter back to zero. If only they had zombies covering my own Driver’s Ed road course back in high school, then maybe I wouldn’t have failed my driving test the first time!


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