The best Android games of 2013

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There are a lot of apps out there in the world of Android – no lessthan 700,000 of them, in fact. So searching through that lot, trying to separate the good from the bad (and indeed the ugly) can be a pretty thankless task.

Luckily, ITProPortal is here to provide a helping hand with our series of articles in which we’re rounding up the top Android apps in various categories.


This is the sixth and final article in the series, and you can find the previous five instalments by following these links: The best Android utility apps, the best Android news apps, the best Android reference apps, the best Android productivity and organisation apps, and the best Android social apps of 2013.


For this last outing, we’re turning from those more serious topics to the realm of entertainment, and the best Android games which are available in the Play store.

Among this line-up of must-have games you’ll find big name franchises such as Angry Birds and Temple Run, but also some more obscure titles, too – such as an 8-bit style RPG by the name of Gurk. Whatever your gaming tastes, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.


Amazing Alex Free (free)

Angry Birds creator Rovio acquired this game from an indie developer, but it's been given the full-blown Rovio treatment: It features lots of short, fast, physics-based challenges that make it difficult to put down.

It’s worth coughing up £0.69 for the premium version which boasts additional gameplay, especially since the first 10 levels are more like mini-tutorials.


Angry Birds Star Wars (free)

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