Top 30 online Physics Games

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Don't fret, you don't have to be a physicist - or indeed clever in any way - to play these games. A good understanding of Newton's Laws would certainly come in handy. But if you know in which direction a ball will go if you drop it, then you are more than equipped with the brain power to excel at these games.


An immaculately produced basketball sim that may well qualify as among the most addictive games (at least for me) of all time. You compete with players across the internet to get the most baskets within the time limit. The one-more-time urge to beat your last score is difficult to resist. Play Basketball here.


One of the most beautiful games you're likely to play,Auditorium challenges you to manipulate the flow of light to illuminate a series of sensors. You are helped in your task by tools that allow you to bend and split the light beams.

Sounds dull but the spellbinding graphics and inspired music make this a browser gaming experience not to be missed. You will have to pay to play the full game but the demo we link to offers a good few hours of entertainment. Auditorium can be played here.


Who would have thought that bridge building would be so much fun. Your task in this hit flash game is to design and build a bridge capable of carrying your workers to their destination. This is a proper physics sim, so if you don't take care designing your bridge, it WILL fall down.

Cargo Bridge can be played here. Extra levels can be foundhere. And if you really like the game, you might be interested in a similar game: Bridge Craft.


The ball wants to get home but unfortunately there are lots of obstacles in the way. Thankfully, you are a generous soul who likes helping balls get home. You also have chain saw. Cut through the wooden boards and other elements that make up each puzzle in the correct way, and gravity will roll the ball to its home. A simple idea that works a treat. Splitter 2 can be playedhere.


Your aim in this game is to knock as many green blocks off the screen as you can. You knock the blocks off by firing balls at them. You have a variety of balls of different size at your disposal. The bigger ones cost more but can knock more blocks off the screen. You can also obtain extra balls by completing challenges. Blosics can be played here.


Not a pure physics game but endowed with enough physics style play to keep most budding Einstein's happy, Dolphin Olympics puts you in charge of a dolphin. You have two minutes to make it perform as many tricks as possible. Bonus points are given for higher jumps and combinations of tricks. Seriously addictive. Dolphin Olympics can be played here.


Aubital is an atmospheric cross between a physics game and a platformer. You roll an illuminated ball around darkly lit levels, trying to open doors and ascend elevators, with the intention of getting to the exit. Blessed with neat graphics and fun, challenging puzzles, Aubital should keep fans of the physics game genre entertained for no small amount of time. Aubital can be played here.


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