All-time best Android games

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We break down the all-time best Android games

For years, Android's gaming library was subpar. Fragmentation, app size limits, and fears of piracy kept many of the best titles out. Though it still has room for improvement, today's Android has grown into a legit gaming platform. Read on, as we break down some of the all-time best Android games.

Max Payne Mobile, Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar brings Max Payne's Bullet Time to Android

During the last year, Rockstar ported these two gritty crime classics to Android. They don't disappoint, with touched-up graphics and solid virtual controls.

Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Ω

Chaos Rings is a fully-fledged RPG for your mobile device

The Chaos Rings franchise is Square Enix's answer to the mobile RPG. The first two entries aren't perfect and can get repetitive, but they're much deeper than Android's other options in the genre.

Dead Space

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